Another wedding favorite!

Definitely wedding material!

Wide headbands are sometimes called frisettes.

A nice complement for jeans with small flower buttons for accent and the ties tied off the side for accent.

Here's another all lace tichel. I think it looks great over a black or white volumizer.

I fell in love with this fabric at the store! I thought, 'I've got to create something beautiful with this!'

Lovely cotton and lace with pretty floral patterns in the lace and fabric that beautifully complement each other!

A major go to scarf!

Definitely a Fourth of July choice!

Love love love! Neds to be worn over a white volumizer, though.

Glad I paid attention to math in school. Did have to scrape the rust off my fractions, though.

Totally upgrades your look!

A definite neutral favorite! Love the pink in the pattern too!

Lightweight cotton and lace! Cool color combination in the fabric!

Pair this with your favorite jeans!

Watch that play of black and off white transition throughout the scarf. Neutral colors to complement many outfits!

Blue is one of my favorite colors!

Definitely fun.

I wear this tichel with a favorite top of mine, a black, cream and brown floral blouse. I can't wear brown next to my face, so I chose a black leathe- like thin material for the front and this fantastic gold and black mix stretch material for the back. Not quite brown and gives extra life to my outfit without being too bright.

This is one of my go to tichels!

Love the subtle play of similar patterns that complement each other!

I wanted my logo to express femininity with a modern edge.

Creativity is the blessed use of our gifts.

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