Headcoverings to complement the beauty that shines from within you!

My maternal ancestors hand crocheted clothing accessories for their families, such as, lace trimmed camisoles, fancy collars and wrist cuffs and stylish head coverings of their times.

Continuing the legacy, I bring my creative talent in the 21st century to designing and sewing the latest in beautiful and fashionable head coverings.

I have a bachelors degree in fine arts and further certification in cardiac ultrasound. When I married, I was so inspired by the mitzvah of covering my hair that I felt I should use my talents to help other women cover their hair in styles that are both beautiful and fashionable!

Let me introduce you to my support team! They are all creatives like me who want to make a difference for women across the globe with their own unique talents. They include professionals in the textile and fashion industries advising on the latest color trends and fabrics; a graphic designer and accessory enthusiast; an exercise and shopping buddy (for when I've been sitting for days at the sewing machine ;-) and my cheerleading rabbi husband.

I feel that your headdress should look beautiful on you.

Whether you cover your hair for modesty, fashion, alopecia or chemo, stylish and chic headcoverings pull your outfits together with class.

A beautiful statement of a beautiful you!

I have created many designs to give you a very large selection of tichels to choose from, and I know that you will love them!

Happy wrapping!

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