Headcoverings to complement the beauty that shines from within you!

I am a southwest girl who moved east to Boston, Massachusetts when I got married.

Orthodox Jewish women usually cover their hair after marriage. I started wearing wigs for a while but eventually decided to switch to head scarves/tichels. I found myself perusing the fabric stores for high quality fashionable fabrics. As I have a bachelors degree in the fine arts, I found I was in my element selecting fabrics and making attractive designs for dress, work, and for everyday wear.

I love getting to know about people and found that women around the globe cover their hair for many reasons, including post chemotherapy, alopecia, keeping with the fashion trends and various religious customs.

...And I always loved those old pictures from the 1950's and early 60's of women sitting in a car with the roof down, wearing a scarf and sunglasses! Do you also? I hope a style like that comes back for everyone!

Covering her hair/head is such a personal matter for every individual woman, and I want to make it easy, fun and fashionable for all! I particularly like the sinar/apron style, which is fast and simple to wrap and easy on your arms, and all of the designs are sewn onto one scarf....and it looks like it took an hour to put on (but don't worry, I won't tell ;)

I opened Headdress Designs online in the fall of 2015. I am grateful to you, my customers who purchase my headcoverings and accessories, and I am committed to designing fashionable styles with high quality materials for you.

Let me introduce you to my support network! They are all creatives like myself who want to make a difference for women across the globe using their own unique talents. They include professionals in the textile and fashion industries who advise me on the latest color trends and fabrics; a graphic designer and accessory enthusiast; an exercise and shopping buddy (a change of pace after I have been sitting for days with my sewing machine ;-), and my cheerleading rabbi husband.

I am passionate that your headdress should look beautiful on you.

Whether you choose to cover your hair for modesty, fashion, or chemo, my stylish and chic headcoverings pull your outfits together with class.

A beautiful statement of a beautiful you!

I have created many designs to provide you with a very large selection to choose from, and I know that you will love them!

Please drop a line and let me know how I can help you more as your headcovering consultant.


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