Headcoverings to complement the beauty that shines from within you!

It all started with potpourri bags!

I always loved art and design! It is very satisfying to start with a concept and develop it until I have a beautiful piece of art, whether it's painting with watercolors or sewing beautiful headcoverings! But I have to tell you, it all started making potpourri bags as a kid. My first introduction to sewing, was picking out material and sewing these pretty little bags with satin drawstrings that I filled with dried flowers for family and friends. My mother still has hers!

The women in my family were avid crocheters and knitters. We have some special heirlooms of crocheted bedspreads, collars and sleeve additions. I didn't get the crocheting bug, but I love to be creative with fabric and style.

I am a current active member of the Association of Sewing and Design Professionals and Etsy team 'Makers of Modest Clothes'.

In college, I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in dance, art and graphic design. My secret wish was to draw and paint beautiful patterns and have someone make it into cloth! I love fabric textures, designs and colors! I especially like the composition/arrangement of materials to create a pleasing exciting design.

I began making some head coverings and headbands after I got married. I was encouraged to branch out and put my love for fabrics and design into making beautiful head coverings for other women, as well. I am so excited by this idea!

I love the mitzvah of covering my hair! It is special to me to help other women cover their hair in styles and designs that make them feel unique, beautiful and stylish!

I hope you love wearing my designs!


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